Presentations & Workshops


I’m a teaching associate for the following units at Monash University since 2014:

  • ETC3550: Applied forecasting for business and economics
  • ETC2420: Statistical thinking
  • ETC1000: Business and economic statistics


  • Software developer, Google Summer of Code, Jun–Aug 2017
  • Research Assistant, Professor Rob J. Hyndman, Nov 2013–Aug 2015


R packages

  • anomalous CRAN_Status_Badge

    Methods for detecting anomalous time series in feature space.

  • hts CRAN_Status_Badge

    Methods for analysing and forecasting hierarchical and grouped time series.

  • rwalkr CRAN_Status_Badge

    Provides API to Melbourne pedestrian data in tidy data form.

  • sugrrants CRAN_Status_Badge

    Provides ‘ggplot2’ graphics for analysing time series data.

  • tsibble CRAN_Status_Badge

    The ‘tsibble’ provides and works with tidy temporal data.