Earo Wang

Lecturer in Data Science

The University of Auckland

I’m a lecturer in Data Science at the Department of Statistics, the University of Auckland. I earned my PhD from Monash University, under the supervision of Dianne Cook and Rob J Hyndman. My research focuses on statistical computing and graphics, and data science. I design and develop human-centered and data-oriented statistical software for R.

Briefly speaking, I turn coffee (mostly flat white) into code, and extract insights from data through code.

Featured Software

R packages

Featured Awards

2019 Mollie Holman Medal

This award recognises the outstanding achievements in producing the Monash Business School’s best doctoral thesis.

John Chambers Statistical Software Award

Awarded for the development and implementation of the R package {tsibble} for the statistical profession.

ASA Statistical Graphics Student Paper Award

“Calendar-based graphics for visualizing people’s daily schedule” received the best student paper award from ASA on Statistical Graphics.



STATS220 Data Technologies

The University of Auckland

Mar 2021 – Jun 2021 Auckland, New Zealand
This course introduces R programming to handle a wide variety of data science challenges, from importing, wrangling, visualising data, to reproducible reporting, for effective data-driven decision making.